Three Rivers guides are true professionals and masters of rivers.   We are proud to say that we have the most tenured and experienced team on the Lochsa in the world today. They are exceptional people in all aspects of their lives.  They are the most integral and valuable facet of our entire company. 
Naturally, the outdoors is an important part of their lives. They are dedicated to preserving our wilderness areas by furthering the education of our area's wildlife and history.  




Joey is a stand up guy who is well versed in many fields.  He's the type of person who feels like an old friend, even if you just met him.  A truly a skilled boatman who's vast knowledge of three toed song birds is just the beginning of the breadth of his outdoors knowledge.  Joe and Natalie enjoy spending as much time as possible hiking, skiing, fishing, and rafting together.  When not in the wilderness Joey runs his own business and works on HVac.  That Joe, he's a real one of a kind!



Also known as Mad Dawg.  Nathan may look like he just pillaged a village, but this Viking has a gentle heart.  Aside from strength on the river, Nathan is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet.  He's an incredible chef and has killer knife skills.  Nathan is a real MacGyver who can fix anything with some duct tape and a piece of leather.  His favorite rapid is Killer Fang Falls.  When Nathan isn't on the water, he enjoys camping, crafting, and a good cup of Joe. 



Avid hikers, cavers, rafters, skiiers, foragers, home cooks, welders and auto repairmen,  Jeff and Anne are just about as knowledgeable as they come. Salmi (their dog) keeps them in check. The "swiss army knife" duo of the three rivers guide staff make a wonderful team both on and off the rivers. 

When they aren't off on an adventure, Jeff works for Vista in Lewiston while Anne works from home and keeps an eye on Salmi. 



Coach truly is the best in the business!


  • Never compromise your integrity.

  • Hear both sides before judging.

  • Learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

  •  Be willing to lose a battle to win the war.

  • Learn to recognize the inconsequential, then ignore it.

  • Admit your mistakes.



Sylas has grown up in the rafting industry and that is reflected in his attitude and his abilities on and off the river.  His collective cool is something we can all learn from and practice. 

Sylas is an avid fisherman, hunter, photographer, and outdoors enthusiast.  Raised in Salmon, Idaho and born to raft and kayak.  It should also be noted that Sylas cooks up the finest smoked goose.



The smile says it all!  Tracy is the sweetest member of the team.  She grew up in Kamiah, Idaho and loves spending time in the outdoors.  Tracy is a University of Idaho alumni who married her middle school crush, Thomas (guide bio above).  They love working seasonal jobs together, whenever possible.  Tracy specializes in customer service and chatting ears off.  She enjoys working road crew and eating snacks with Mira and Coach.  

unnamed (1).jpg



An alumni of the World Class Kayaking Academy, Ethan has traveled the world kayaking and rafting rivers, His rap sheet is a bit ridiculous.  Ethan recently passed the LSAT and is applying to different law schools around the North West. 

We're beyond stoked when Ethan is around!  His ability to read water will make you look at things differently.  Ethan also brings the heat to a nice dish washing session and makes the dankest homemade garlic bread.



Mira does it all!  She takes and edits every picture, prepares the tastiest meals, and even guides when they let her!  

An Idaho native who grew up just 30 miles downstream from the Lochsa.  Mira worked as a Kitchen Manager  for 10 years before deciding she wanted to join her partner, Hunt, out on the river.  She can't believe that somehow she got lucky enough to work the rivers she grew up on.



From working behind the scenes to being on the water - Hunt is the real reason we all get to continue doing what we love.  He grew up spending his summers in Lowell, Idaho and learning from the best at Three Rivers Rafting.  Hunt has been rafting the Lochsa and Selway rivers since he was old enough to hold a paddle. He also might help you find a fish or two.




Cooper has been boating her whole life!  Raised in Or0fino, ID and made for whitewater.  

Cooper is currently studying at Eastern Oregon University, while continuing her athletic career in track.  She throws a mean discus, shotput, AND hammer y'all! 

Cooper is the "mom" of the group and makes sure to keep the guides in line.  She's a real Lochsa Maniac and excels with kids and families.  A terrific mutli-day guide who knows here way around Idaho's rivers.



Ray splits time between his career as a Civil Engineer and guiding for Three Rivers.  He began guiding on the Lochsa River in 2000 and continues to spend his spring & summer weekends on the water whenever possible.  He is an avid fisherman, backpacker, and advocate for all places wild.  When not working, you can find him chasing cutthroat trout on the Selway or steelhead on the Clearwater.  He is also a local history buff and enjoys sharing the rich stories associated with the Lochsa River corridor. 



Thomas is a true Idaho outdoorsman!  He grew up in Grangeville, Idaho and spent most of his childhood hunting, skiing, and exploring the wilds. 

Fueled by BBQ Burritos and a love for nature, Thomas attended the University of Idaho and received his BA in both Forestry and Fire Ecology.

Thomas brings a certain level of "stoke" to all that he does - whether it be offshore fishing for crab and salmon, foraging for wild edibles, or rafting Idaho's finest rivers.  




Ty has been a Three Rivers guide for over 20 years and has seen it all!  Ty is a true leader and one of the best guides in the world.  He could be working anywhere, and on the Lochsa he finds a home.  Ty's favorite rapid is Ten Pin Alley. 

When Ty isn't on the river he's a family-man  who stays busy raising his two wonderful children with his wife Bre.  They run a small family business and spend as much time as possible in the outdoors.



Yip Yip!  A true river goddess who pours her everything into being a steward of the land.  Sara specializes in running stout rivers, yoga salutations, and first breakfasts.  She loves it when you listen to your guide because, let's face it.... your guide knows best!  Sara loves and respects every rapid and doesn't take favorites. 

During the winter months, Sara works in the woods cooking and doing pack trips on the Middle Fork. 



We have a saying at TRR: 

"Throw it on Gus' boat!"  

Gus is an alumni of the University of Montana, where he received his BA in Forestry.  A new father, incredible boatman and  massive team player,  he'll be in your corner every time and cook you up the best darn pork loin in Idaho!  Gus is the guide's elected mayor of Tent City (the guide's seasonal homestead).  He may be #4 on the water, but he's #1 in our hearts!  Just watch out for his alter-ego, the notorious Johnny Hotshot!



It all started here.  Marty is a Kooskia native and built Three Rivers Rafting from the ground up.  When he passed the torch to Mira and Hunt in 2018, he promised to stay on as a guide, consultant, and bus driver extraordinaire. 

Marty is a Yale alumni with a degree in History.  He now enjoys spending time with his family and being a High School English teacher at Kamiah High School.  However, he still has a CV placard in his yard.



Aaron has been guiding in Idaho for the past 16 years.  He has been with Three Rivers for the past 12 of those.   Aaron and his wife, Rachel, have two little girls that rule their world.  Together they make sure to get them outside every chance they get. Aaron teaches High School and loves living in Sandpoint, Idaho where he spends time fishing, skiing, hiking, and working on wooden boats.  

"If better is possible, then good is not enough!"



Ryan is the reason we place shirt orders every year.  He loves a good swim team or river map shirt.  Ryan is a seasoned Lochsa hand, and he will gladly step up to the challenges of the river. 

Ryan is very diplomatic and flexible, which makes it easy to spend time on the river with him.   

An educator, teacher, student, husband, father and a great person all around,  Ryan just makes the day better.



Gary has a unique and lasting relationship with the Lochsa.  His sense of humor adds a feeling of security to his boat, even in the most interesting of situations.  As a local, Gary is full of fun facts about the area.   He is a long term Three Rivers guide and excels at training the younger generation.

Gary is a father and a loving husband who started his own construction company in 2021.  His favorite rapid is Le Monster, also known as Le Gary. 



Jimie has been with Three Rivers from the beginning.  You can still find him on the river if you look hard enough.  He's tough on gear and equipment.

Jim is a teacher and track coach at Kamiah High School who's students and athletes fondly refer to him as Mr. E. 

A devoted father and husband who enjoys fishing, camping, and spending time with his family.



Liam is a whitewater veteran of many rivers, including the Lochsa, Selway, and Grand Canyon.  He is a Lead Instructor for Sierra Swiftwater Rescue and travels the country teaching everyone from beginners to marine corp navy seals, the ins and outs of river safety and rescue.  He loves his Dory, his wife Kristen, and their dog Bubbles.  What Liam has done with his life is truly remarkable, and there are few that could carry the weight of the river miles he has seen.  He is a man of mystery and depth who enjoys boating, travelling, and hiking.




Josh is a true Idaho County local.  When he's not on the river he spends time at home filling up his wood shed and helping his neighbors.  An avid outdoorsman and genuine human being, Josh answers the call.

 Josh has great dedication and attention to detail.  He is quiet and studious by nature. He was the first ever recipient of the Mossy Shoe Award. 



Noah was born and raised on Idaho rivers.  He found TRR through his family, and as an avid bigwater boater he fit right in.  He carries himself with great humility, and has the discipline needed to learn and embrace the team mentality of guiding. He enjoys hunting, rafting, kayaking, hiking, and packing out on llamas.  

For tradition's sake Noah appreciates it when people file onto his boat two-by-two.  He also doesn't appreciate ark jokes.



PJ has a unique enthusiasm for life, and a deep seeded love of rivers and the culture surrounding them. His joy is contagious, and he brings a certain levity to the team. His knowledge of his craft is fine tuned. 

In the winter he works managing the terrain park at Big Sky ski resort in Montana where he operates cats and builds park features. PJ loves shoals and his truck, plain and simple. 




Reid grew up just downriver from the Lochsa and was introduced to the whitewater scene at an early age.  He's a real sweetheart. Similar to his sister Cooper, Reid is a true Lochsa Maniac and Circle of Excellence Alumni.  Reid is steadfast and reliable. A boater, a thrower, and a midnight rower...  



 Flynn is persistent, kind, and has great attention to detail. She will teach you more than you ever could have imagined about bears, and she is full of wonderful animal facts. A Kube MVP, Circle of Excellence holder, and Mossy Shoe award winner, Flynn brings a warmth to the scene that is a welcomed addition to a cold Lochsa day.  



Mike hails from Hughes River Expeditions and we are grateful when he helps us out. He spends just about every day of the year fishing, rafting, hiking or hunting. Mike has a great knowledge of ropes and knots, an asset in all wilderness settings. He will not tolerate nonsense, and as such is a true protector of the wilderness.

Mike would drive 5 hours in the wrong direction to return litter found in the woods to it's rightful owner.




Karsten is a wonderfully friendly member of the Three Rivers team.  He can be a real wild cat out on the water too! 

Karsten loves nature, pottery, skiing, traveling, rafting, and funk music,  He is a talented musician which translates into his style of rafting.  Karsten isn't one to back away from something he sets his mind on, and his sincere approach to life is contagious.  



Natty is a teacher, father, and husband.  He has a structured approach to life that ensures the task at hand will be accomplished and accomplished well.  Natty has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about Idaho's outdoors and it's rich history.  He has rafted rivers all over the world.  Natty is also not one to shy away from a good fishing adventure. 



Joseph is our constant reminder of how blessed we are to be able to spend time on rivers at all.  He has a fabulous ability to bring joy and lightness to people from all walks of life, both on and off the rivers.  Joseph's ability to remain completely calm in the most intense situations will leave you wondering how he does what he does.




Miles grew up kayaking with his parents in Idaho.  He is a World Class Kayak Academy graduate and is a current student at Western Washington University.  Miles loves snowboarding, boating, and learning to cook new things.  He is very unassuming and subtle as he moves through the world. Miles' ability on the water is nothing short of stellar.



Brian is a husband, father, and (when we're lucky) celebrity guest guide!  The Paddison boys grew up at Three Rivers, rafting the Lochsa, Selway, and Clearwater Rivers.  He spent every summer of his youth boating, hiking, and exploring the Clearwater National Forest.  Brian got his degree from Prague Film School and now runs his own PaddyPro Production company, while working at Globus Medical.  



Rocky is the brains behind the operation.  He specializes in barking, looking cute, and chasing deer/frisbees/anything that runs from him.  He always wants to be wherever the fun is and loves being out on the water.  Most days though, he's nice enough to accompany Mira, as her personal assistant and road buddy.